Alberto, Anabela and the Maunza crew before a Village talk
Launching from Praia do Tofo
Dive Princesses
Ready for a surf launch
An old friend at Giants Castle
Carlos underwater with mask
Three new instructors
Shark Ray on Giants Castle
Whale Shark
Whale Shark in Tofhino
Cleaning Station at Manta Reef
Fishermen heading out from Praia Do Tofo
Surf Launch with Carlos in the Lead
Masters students in marine biology and coastal management


Meet the Program Director of Ocean Revolution Mozambique and Bitonga Divers

Antonio de Sacramento Cabral has worked for the past 5 years as Program Director for local Mozambican NGOs Ocean Revolution and Bitonga Divers.

By addressing inequity and socio-economic injustice in ocean management, he has become a recognized leader in a country-wide rethinking of the core concepts of ocean governance and environmental management.

Antonio has brought together traditional leaders and policy-makers in local, regional and international forums, created films, radio shows, and multi-media events that highlight the power and efficiency of community-driven conservation actions.

Using both-ways learning approaches that bridge traditional knowledge and 21st century conservation science, he has succeeded in making food security and preservation of biological diversity equal co-stars in a new conservation narrative.

The result is the legalization of 9 new marine protected areas, the first since 2012, and the first Mozambican community conservation areas.

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are one of the cornerstones of marine conservation. Antonio believes identifying which factors contribute to their success is crucial. He has set out on a path integrating traditional knowledge and sustainability science that provides solutions to the needs of indigenous communities where so much of our planet’s biodiversity flourishes.